Consistent rainfall this year, interspersed with beautiful sunshine is making for a fantastic start to the blooming season. See what's currently blooming in our Mid-West.

Geraldton and Kalbarri Visitor Centre have been busy wildflower hunting! Here's what they have currently spotted along their travels.

Eneabba to Badgingarra on Brand Highway

There have been lots of Golden wattles along the highway, as well as Prickly moses (Acacia pulchella), Drummond’s Wattle (Acacia drummondii) and Acacia blakelyi.  Look for colour and where possible and safe, pull over.


20kms east of Mullewa is the Tenindewa to Yuna Road on the left of the highway. Continue 1km to see an array of Pink everlastings starting to bloom. Continue a short distance to the Pioneer Well sign and travel the short loop to see more everlastings and the Yellow gentlemen’s buttons (Podolepis).


Fields of Pink everlastings around the Yuna Hall, Chapman Valley. Continue onto the Yuna-Tenindewa Road to see an abundance of Pink and White everlastings.

Coalseam Conservation Park

Always a fantastic place to see carpets of everlastings.


Orchids are starting to slowly bloom. Pink Fairy (Caladenia latifolia) and Green snail orchid (Pterostylis pyramidalis).


Scan the roadsides on the highway to Mullewa and you can find early bush flowers blooming. Sightings of Delicate Pink Thryptomene, Yellow Buttercups (Hibbertia hypericoides), Bottlebrush (Pink and Red Hakea) and Gorse bitter-pea (Daviesia ulicifolia) are currently sighted.

Hairy-stemmed snail orchids are also blooming a few minutes from the Mullewa Caravan Park.


The famous Wreath flowers have commenced blooming!  Travel 30kms east of Mullewa to the small settlement of Pindar.  Turn north on the Pindar-Beringarra Road and continue for 10kms.  Follow the signs to find Wreath flowers on both sides of the dirt road.


Coastal gorges and cliffs – Natural Bridge to Red Bluff

There are currently sightings in the area for the following wildflowers:

  • Murchison Rose (Diplolaena grandiflora)
  • Pink Thryptomene (Thryptomene strongylophylla)
  • Small Pink Myrtle (Malleostemon pedunculatus)
  • Sandhill Grevillea (Grevillea commutata)
  • Holly-Leaved Tailflower (anthocercis Ilicifolia)
  • Pine-Like Grevillea (Grevillea pinaster)

Inland Gorges – Nature’s Window, Z-Bend, Hawks Head & Ross Graham

Many orchids have already made an appearance including Snail Orchids, Green Hoods & Blue Beards, as well as Brown Veined Green Hoods and Pink Fairy Orchids.

Wattle is brightening up the inland road along with Smoke Bush and the first Yellow Plume Grevillea. A closer look around the Hawks Head area, you will find some beautiful Sundew (Drosera).

The following are also sighted within the area:

  • Pink Poker (Grevillea petrophiloides)
  • Bird Beak Hakea (Hakea orthorrhyncha)
  • Granite Boronia (Boronia cymosa)
  • Honey Bush (Hakea lissocarpha)
  • Sandplain Petrophile (Petrophile scabriuscula)